Top 5 most promising players for the season

Top 5 most promising players for the season


Top 5 most promising players for the season 2019/20

The season 2019-20 has already seen a lot of surprises, and the favorites have not been left behind. The main favorites of the tournament are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Tottenham.
The team of Jurgen Klopp has already managed to win the Premier League and the Champions League, so it is not surprising that the team of the German coach is the main favorite of the upcoming season.

The main surprise of the season is the failure of Barcelona. The Catalans were able to win La Liga for the first time in a long time, but they were unable to win a single trophy. The team of Ernesto Valverde has been in the Champions league for a long period, but the failure in the domestic arena has seriously affected the team’s results.
In the Champions tournament, the team has not managed to get into the playoffs, so the team is unlikely to win any trophies.
However, the main goal of the team should be to get to the playoffs. The following players of the Barcelona team are the main favorites for the upcoming tournament:
1. Lionel Messi. The Argentine forward has already won the Ballon d’Or twice, so he is one of the most recognized players of all time. He is also the leader of the club, so his absence will be felt by the team.
2. Jordi Alba. The young midfielder is a good player, but he is not the best player. The club has already made a mistake with the signing of the young player, who has not yet reached his full potential.
3. Gerard Pique. The goalkeeper has already shown that he is a capable player, so there is no doubt that he will be able to play a key role in the team in the future.
4. Jordy Delem. The defender has already become a favorite of his position. He can play on the left or on the right, which will allow the team to rotate the defenders.
5. Sergio Busquets. The midfielder is one the main leaders of the Catalan club. He has already scored a lot, and he is able to score a lot in the upcoming campaign.
All the above mentioned players are able to help the team win the Champions cup and to qualify for the next stage of the competition.
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Team’sthe main favorites
The current season of the Champions Cup has already brought a lot surprises. The most interesting teams are:
* Barcelona;

* Juventus;
• Liverpool;
• Manchester City.
Each of them has a very strong lineup, which allows the team not to be dominated by one of its rivals.
Barcelona is the most obvious favorite of all the teams, because the team was able to get a lot from the start. The Catalan club won the La Liga, and it won the Champions trophy.
Juventus is also a favorite, because it has already achieved a lot. The Turin club won two Champions trophies, and they are now in the final stage of their careers.
Liverpool is also one of those teams that has not been able to show its full potential for a very long time. However, the club has managed to reach the Champions final, and now it is ready to fight for the title.
Manchester City is another team that has been a favorite for a while, and this time it will not be easy for the team, because its rivals have a lot to improve.
This season, the favorites of Champions Cup have a good chance to win it, because they have a strong lineup.
It is very important to have a stable lineup, because this will allow to win all the matches of the group stage and the playoffs without any problems.
Main favorites of next season
The upcoming season will be very interesting for the fans, because there will be a lot more changes in the teams. The favorites of this season have a chance to get even higher positions in the standings, because their rivals have already managed not to win anything.
Among the favorites, you can find the following teams:
· Barcelona; Juventus; Liverpool; Manchester City
· Manchester United; Tottenham Hotspur; Arsenal.
These teams have a very good lineup, so they are able not to lose points in matches against weaker teams.
There are a lot changes in each of the teams that will affect the results of the matches. The fans can always watch the results on the website of sports statistics, where they will always be able not only to follow the results, but also to learn the latest news from the world football.
Follow the development in the tournament on the sports statistics website, where the latest results are available.
Latest news on the Champions club Cup
The Champions cup is the tournament of the strongest clubs in the Old Continent. It is the best club tournament in the football world, because every year the best clubs from all over the world participate in it.
Of course, the Champions is not for the beginners, but it is a chance for the professionals to show their skills.
Every year, the best teams of the Old World fight for a place in the playoffs of the European Cup.

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