What to look out for in this weekend’s fixtures

What to look out for in this weekend’s fixtures


The start of the season is always a good time to assess the strength of the teams in the Premier League, as well as the chances of them getting into the Champions League zone.

The first round of the championship is already over, so we can now focus on the fight for the places in the Champions league zone. It is also important to note that the Premier league table is changing, so the teams that have not yet played the new season are now stronger than their rivals.
The main favorites of the current season are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Manchester United.
All the teams have a chance to win the title, but the main question is whether they will be able to defend it.
This is why we should pay attention to the games of the main favorites, as they can decide the fate of the title in the long run.
Teams’ chances of winning the title
The Premier league standings are changing, and the teams are now much stronger than they were a year ago.
In the last season, the main contenders for the title were:
• Manchester City, who managed to win it for the second time in a row;
• Liverpool, who has already won the Champions trophy;
· Chelsea, who is in the middle of the standings.
However, the team from the capital of England has not been at its best in the current campaign.
Many of the players of the team are still in the midst of the transfer ban, and this fact may affect the results of the club.
Moreover, the previous season the team of Josep Guardiola was able to win a place in the top-4, but this time it is not possible to count on such a result.
It is also worth noting that the team has not won the title for several years now, which may have an impact on its results.
Manchester City is the main favorite of the new campaign, and its rivals have a hard time of it. The Citizens are the main contender for the champion title, as their squad has the strongest lineup and is able to use the maximum of each player.
Thus, the club has the following advantages:
1. Great lineup. The team has the potential to play with almost any player on the field.
2. Individual skills of the leaders.
3. Good teamwork.
Therefore, the Citizens have the potential not only to win, but also to get into the top 4.
If the team is able not to lose points, then it is the best chance to get to the Champions’ League zone, where it is very difficult to get a ticket.
Liverpool is another team that is able win the champion’s title. The Reds have a good lineup and are able to play against almost any opponent.
They have the following factors that can help them to get closer to the title:
· long bench;
● high level of individual skills of each of the members of the squad;
It should be noted that the Reds have not won it for several seasons now, so this is another reason to expect a successful season.
Chelsea is also in the fight against the Reds, and it is also a team that has not managed to get the title since 2012.
Despite the fact that the club is in a difficult position, the players are able not only not to get out of the Champions’ League zone but also not to enter it. This is another advantage of the Blues.
Team’s chances of getting into top-6
The team of Antonio Conte has a good chance to enter the top 6, as it has the best lineup and has the most powerful players.
Also, the squad of the Italian coach is in good shape, and many of the stars of the previous seasons are still with the team.
Conte’s team is now able to make the most of the strength in the lineup and use the best players on the pitch.
For this reason, it is quite possible that the Chelsea team will not enter the Champions zone, as the team will have to fight against Liverpool and Manchester City.
As for the Reds and the Chelsea, the teams will have a tough time of them entering the top six.
These teams are quite capable of winning it, but they will have problems with the teams from the lower divisions.
Main contenders for places in top-8
The teams that are in the strongest positions right now are: Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal.
Of course, the Reds are the team that can get into top 8, as its lineup is the most balanced and the players have the best individual skills.
Arsenal is also able to get in the zone, but it is clear that the Gunners will not be able compete against the teams of the lower leagues.
At the same time, the Arsenal lineup is quite balanced, which allows the club to play in the most difficult matches.
Another team that may enter the zone is Manchester City with a lineup that is quite strong.
Due to this, the Mancunians have a decent chance of getting to the top 8.
There is still a long way to go, so it is important to focus on games against the weaker teams.

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