Juventus legend to win contract extension

Juventus legend to win contract extension


By Football Italia staff
The Bianco-Neri have been in the top-4 for a long time, so they know how to get the maximum out of their players. This summer, they’ve strengthened their lineup with a number of young players, and now they”ll be able to play with the best.
The team has already managed to get a new contract with the legendary Juventus legend, who will stay at the club for another 5 years.
Juve legend: “I am happy to be here”
The club”s situation is not very good, but the Bianco Neri have always been able to find a solution to it. Juventus legend wants to stay, and he”d like to keep the contract with his new club.
He”ve always been a leader, and this is his chance to show his skills to the fans. He”m a player who is able to score goals, and his performance in the team is always good.

The player has already won the Scudetto, and it”ss time to show him his skills. He has already shown that he’s a player of the future, and we”re sure that he will be able not only to score but also to distribute the ball and make other players look good. Juventus is the team that will be in a good shape, and the Bianconeri will be the main favorites of the upcoming season.
All Serie A live scores
The Serie A is entering the final stages, and fans are eager to see the best matches. The last few rounds have shown that the teams are quite equal, so the fight for the title will be very interesting.
In the current season, Juventus has already become the champion, so it’ll be even more difficult for the Bianconi to defend the title. The team has a lot of problems, but they“re not the only ones.
There are many other clubs that are in a much worse situation, so we can”t say that the current Serie A season is a failure for the Turin giants.
They” re the main favourites of the season, and they‘ll be the ones to take the lead in the fight to the title, so fans can count on a lot.
Live scores of the Serie A
The new season of the Italian championship has already started, and so far the matches have shown us that the fight is not over yet. The teams are very close to each other, and if the leaders are not able to take advantage of the mistakes of the others, then the fight will be really interesting. The Serie A has already begun, and already the fans can see the results.
It’ss time for the decisive matches, and there”r no doubt that we’re going to see some surprises. It”rs the first matches, so let”er see how the season will develop.
Main favourites of Serie A 2019/2020
The main favourites this season are:
* Juventus;
* Torino;
* Sassuolo;
* Cagliari;

* Milan;
As you can see, the teams have a lot in common, so you can say that they‪re the main contenders for the victory.
You can always follow the live scores of Serie a on the sports statistics website, where the information is updated in real time. It will be easy to keep up with the latest news, and you”l be the first to know about the results of the matches.
What to expect from the new season?
The season 2019/20 promises to be really exciting, and all the teams will have to do their best to be able win the title once again.
We” ll see who will be stronger in the final rounds, and who will have the chance to take a place in the Champions League zone.
So far, the season has already brought us a lot, and Juventus has a good chance to win the Scudo once again, as the team has been in a really good shape for a few years now.
However, the Turineses have a long way to go, and many teams are still far from the Champions Cup zone. This is why fans have high hopes for the season ahead, and Serie A will be a really exciting fight.
Where to find the live score of Serie As?
Now, it“s easy to find out the livescore of the championship on the website of sports statistics.
This is a great opportunity to follow the latest results of matches, as well as to keep abreast of the latest information.
Thanks to the modern technology, it is now possible to follow Serie A matches in full, and here you can find the information in a convenient format.
For example, you can learn the results, the schedule of the next matches, the players” performance and much more.
Follow the livescores of the Champions league on the site of sports analytics, where information is always up to date.
Who will be at the top of the standings?
This season, the main fight for gold medals will be between Juventus and Torino.

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