Is Zlatan Ibrahimović a good signing for LA Galaxy?

Is Zlatan Ibrahimović a good signing for LA Galaxy?


The summer transfer window has come to an end, and the Galaxy have already made a number of signings. Among the most notable of them is the signing of Zlatko Ibrahimovič.
The Serbian striker is a young player who has already made several impressive moments for the team. The club has already managed to get a good result in the Champions League, and now it is looking to continue its success in the international arena.

The signing of the player is a good move for the club, but it is also worth noting that the club has a number 1 priority in the summer transfer market: the acquisition of a new goalkeeper.
However, the Galaxy already have a good goalkeeper in the form of Jonathan Bornstein, who is ready to assume the position of the number 1.
It is worth noting the fact that the Galaxy has already signed a number 2, as well as a number 3. The most notable signing is the one of the defenders, as the Galaxy will be able to get some experience in the position.
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What to expect from Zlatam Ibrahimovic in the future?
The most obvious signing of summer was the one made by Zlatamo, who has been the mainstay of the team for several years now. The player has already scored a lot of goals, and he is also a good defender.
In the next season, the club will try to get even more from the player, and it is worth highlighting the fact the club is ready for this.
Among the possible transfers, the following are worth highlighting:
1. New contracts. The team has already reached an agreement with Zlatane and will sign new contracts.
2. New goalkeeper. The Galaxy has a good choice of candidates, as Bornstein is ready and can be signed for a reasonable price.
3. New striker. The players are ready to receive the player in the next transfer window.
4. New coach. The appointment of Bruce Arena should be a good sign for the Galaxy.
All these transfers will help the team to get closer to the European Cup zone.
Will the Galaxy be able not to win the Champions league again?
Now, the team is in the middle of the tournament, and if it continues to do well in the domestic arena, it is possible that it will be considered for the European cups.
This season, LA Galaxy has been in the final of the Champions club tournament, but the team has not managed to win it. However, the fans can always count on the fact they will be there again.
Of course, the main goal of the club for the next year will be the Champions cup, but if the team manages to win this trophy, it will also be considered the next step towards the league title.
At the moment, the results of the Galaxy are not very convincing, but there is still a lot to be done, and this is why the club should not give up.
Who will be LA Galaxyā€™s main competitors in the near future?
This year, the competition in the league is very intense, and even the leaders of the league have a chance to get into the top 4.
One of the main competitors of the LA Galaxy is the Houston Dynamo. The Dynamo have been one of LA Galaxy’s main rivals for several seasons now, and they have managed to give the Galaxy a serious fight.
Now the Dynamo have a number one goalkeeper in Alberth Elis, who can be considered one of their main trump cards.
Also, the Dynamo are ready for the transfer window, as they are actively looking for new players. Among them, the most obvious choice is the acquisition a new striker.
If the club manages to get the player for a fair price, it can be a real trump card in the clubā€™ s hand.
How will the Galaxyļæ½ perform in the new season?
This is a question that the team can not ignore, as it is the main reason for the fact it is in such a good shape.
Despite the fact there is a lot that needs to be improved, the players have a lot in reserve, and with the help of the new signings, they can be able achieve a lot.
As for the current season, it has already shown that the players are able to do their best, and in the long run, it wonā€™t be a problem for the squad to get to the Champions Cup.
Main competitors of LA in the current campaign include:
* Colorado;
* Sporting;
* Sporting.
These clubs have already managed several times to get near the Champions title, so the Galaxy is also able to count on this. However it is important to note that the current club is not in the best shape, and there is no doubt that it can improve its position in the standings.
For this, the new coach should be able make some changes in the team, and soon the club can be at the top of the standings again. The main goal for the players is to get as far as possible in the tournament table, so they should not lose motivation.

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