Danny is the most real speaker I have ever heard. He meets kids where they are at and gives them tools to move forward. Although he has had his own issues, that is not the focus of his talk. He got my students to think about how they're feeling and what to do with those feelings. He challenges kids to think about managing stress and anxiety differently. All students should have the opportunity to hear Danny. I feel like if they did, we would have fewer distressed students with better coping skills.
-Betsey Desfosse, 23 yr health teacher at Andover High School, MA


Inspirational, Emotional, Informative! Such a good job weaving in helpful information while telling his story at the same time. Honestly, one of the best speakers I have heard in a long time! It was very valuable. I think many of the students could identify with similar struggles. His message was super powerful.
-Jennifer Beaumont, ConVal High School New Hampshire

Powerful - It was though he had a “secret script’’ for every point we, as school counselors would want him to cover based on what we hear from students. It was incredibly valuable. His story is powerful and his presence is “real” down to earth. We Definitely want him back.
-Kristin Ingram, ConVal High School New Hampshire

Danny's talk was genuine, heartfelt and inspirational. His story had pieces that any high school student could relate to. His passion and honesty made for a terrific "real" talk that both students and staff benefited from.
-Mark Mortarelli Alternative Education Coordinator- Natick High School