Tale Of The Tape

Hometown: Framingham, MA

Date of Birth:
March 30, 1985

Current Record:
20-1 (8 KOs)

Boxes Out Of:
Plex Performance - Stafford, Texas

Ronnie Shields

5'9"  Weight: 140 lbs.

Light Welterweight


2008 US Future Stars
National Champion
(Outstanding Boxer Award)

2008 National Golden Gloves Champion

2008 Alternate US Olympic Boxing Team

2007 US Olympic Trials Bronze Medalist

Ken Casey - Matthew Lynch


Danny "Bhoy" O'Connor and his army of rabid fans storm the Garden December 14th as the 2 time National Amateur champ goes for his 20th professional win.

O’Connor has exploded onto the boxing scene in 2012, as he has landed in the top 15 in the world boxing ratings, headlined some of the best venues in town and is building a crazed and raucous fan base known through the country and beyond.

In the past year Danny commenced training under the tutelage of hall of fame trainer Ronnie Shields and sought guidance and management in the form of friend and mentor Ken Casey, lead singer of the popular band Dropkick Murphys. With Casey gaining greater visibilty for O’Connor and Shields turning him into a fighter that is walking down and knocking out opponents the rising light welterweight prospect is having quite the year for himself and is well prepared for a championship run in the near future.

In Danny’s 3 fights this year he has shown the marked teachings of Shields with 3 straight knock outs, all coming before the 5th round. In May O’Connor headlined the 1st professional boxing card at the House Of Blues in Boston it was a sell out crowd of 2,500 with another 500 turned away, Clan O'Connor had officially showed up, sold the joint out and cheered their hearts out...as the House Of Blues sounded more like a European soccer game than a boxing match .

A few months later in August, O’Connor would once again headline a venue holding there 1st ever professional fights . This time he would be the main event at Gillette Stadium, the home of the NFL New England Patriots and the MLS New England Revolution. Once again Danny would win by knockout, as his ardent fan base created an atmosphere not often seen in American boxing.

Just a month later in September Danny would fight at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Casino on the HBO boxing after dark card. Danny not only opened the eyes of the HBO people with his 3rd round knockout win, but of the casino and all the boxing spectators as well with over 500 rowdy supporters marching through the casino in Clan O'Connor gear screaming and chanting his name. As the insane group of fans stormed the MGM Grand, it was apparent that Danny has arrived.

Danny’s fights have not only become known for his fast paced style and his high number of punches but for the exciting, rowdy, party atmosphere of his rabid fan base known as Clan O’Connor. Clan O'Connor is the bastard son of Boston fight loyalist thrilled to have a legit contender back in town, the loud and lively music crowd that has latched onto O'Connor through his connections to the Dropkick Murphys, and last but certainly not least the rowdy crowd of soccer supporters from such teams as Glasgow Celtic and its worldwide fanbase, Danny's local team the New England Revolution and the American Outlaws which is USA Soccers supporters club all of which have thrown the full weight of there teams followings behind Danny.

Clan O'Connor rolls deep armed with drums to beat and Danny O songs to chant...the atmosphere is electric.

Now as the end of the year approaches Danny finds himself ranked 15th in the IBF world rankings and 22nd in the WBC world rankings and with another main event fight scheduled for December at the world famous Boston Garden, Danny is poised to end the year with a bang.

Danny has positioned himself as a major fighter to watch in the future, while building a reputation as one of the best fighters to experience live, along side the charged atmosphere of Clan O’Connor.

Danny is no stranger to boxing accolades, having won the 2008 United States future stars national championship where he was presented the "outstanding boxer award" as well as the 2008 national golden gloves championship. This rare accomplishment puts O’Connor in the same esteemed category as such boxing legends as "Sugar" Ray Leonard and Tommy "The Hitman" Hearns. In addition, Danny’s most distinguished and personal accomplishment in boxing was representing his country in the 2008 Olympics as an alternate on the United States boxing team.

With a distinguished amateur career, a world class trainer, a top notch management team and an army of rabid, unwavering fans, Danny looks to soon challenge for a world championship